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Do you want to participate in the marketplace as a seller? Let's have a chat

If you are here it is because you are evaluating how convenient it is for you to subscribe to a vertical marketplace for industrial electronics products, like me.

Let's have a chat: to give you all the tools for you to decide whether I'm right for you, I'll start giving you some data.

In the second half of 2020, marketplace platforms, both general and specialised in a market sector, increased by 81%.

We marketplaces are becoming a more and more reliable meeting point for different buyers. And we are a more and more profitable investment for sellers like you: 34% of sellers who make their products available on marketplaces see increased organic traffic to their site and therefore their visibility.

Yes, convenient, you say, but maybe you're also thinking that there is a risk of suffering from competition?

It is true that we have expanded our network of affiliated retailers by 46% in 2020 and it is equally true that the total volume of revenue for each seller has increased by 24%.

The more of us there are, the better, because we become a virtuous circle. (Source for all data: Enterprise Marketplace Index 2021, edited by Mirakl).

And now let's move on to the concrete benefits I offer you, shall we?

The Benefits of Choosing Me

Here are just a few:

  • I am a SEO-friendly and multilingual sales channel
  • The affiliate fee I'll ask for is significantly less than the cost you face when running your e-commerce (e.g. hosting, customer care and payment management fees)
  • I will provide you with a personal dashboard from which you can monitor orders and requests for quotes and a messaging and notification system that updates you on sales in real time
  • I will save you time, thanks to an automatic data import system for your products, through a simple predefined template
  • You will be able to add as many details as you want in your product sheets, so you can give users more information
  • I am at your disposal in case you need assistance with the use of the platform!

For sellers who choose the Premium programme, there are additional benefits, find out in the Boost your sales section.

Finally, I am a marketplace that thinks about the future, because here it is possible to sell refurbished components, a virtuous practice in which I believe and in which I invite you to join me.

Do you need further information? Go to the FAQ section!


Let us make a fundamental contribution to the planet together.