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Do you want to buy on Hoo-oo? Here's everything you need to know about the marketplace

First, you'll save time. I am a marketplace you can trust, with selected sellers and a quick and easy search system that helps you find what you need right away, in just a few clicks!

You will be able to consult all the details related to sellers and products and you will have the convenience of comparing different offers on the same platform, agreeing directly the quotes with those who sell and buying new and refurbished components at affordable prices. Payments are processed by Stripe, the main payment system used by marketplaces around the world, secure and reliable.

Do you want to know what criteria I use to select the sellers here?

  • They guarantee you punctuality of shipments according to the indicated timing
  • They respond quickly to requests for quotes
  • They always offer you the chance to return
  • They guarantee you refurbished spare parts that have been tested.

All you have to do is do business with the best seller!

And, in concrete terms, how does a buyer profile work? Simple!

All Buyer Profile Features

You see, it's really simple:

  • Create your profile on the platform in just a few clicks
  • You will always receive a notification when a seller responds to your request
  • You will have a personal dashboard where you will see the history of your orders, messages received and promotions reserved for you.

I am at your complete disposal in case you need support in using the platform for any reason!

Do you need further information? Here is the FAQ section for you!

In addition, you can also help protect our planet by choosing refurbished components: they work like new and save resources.


What do you say, are you in?